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I've been writing about art societies and their exhibitions for nearly 10 years on Making A Mark

Below you can find a selection of my posts which focus on the various aspects and activities of Art Societies in the UK (and elsewhere).
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Call for Entries Checklist 2016 - Federation of British Artists' Exhibitions at the Mall Galleries

Details of Key Dates for the Call for Entries for Art Societies belonging to the Federation of British Artists - who will be holding their Annual Open Exhibitions in 2016 at the Mall Galleries

Which art society exhibition sells the most works of art?

Do you know which national art societies are good at selling artists' work? See if you can guess before you read on

Events: Workshops, Demonstrations, Talks etc

Does your art society do events and workshops?

Identifies the different types of art society events and 8 good reasons to hold events and workshops at your art society annual exhibition


How many Art Societies are you a member of? (Poll results) 

The chart shows how people responded in terms of the number of art societies they belonged to. This is followed by more charts showing membership at the national, regional and local levels.

How much do you spend on art societies? (Poll results) 

Only 44% of those responding to the July Making A Mark Poll spend an affordable sum on art societies. This post looks at the overall poll results, considers what these might mean and asks three questions about how art societies can become more cost-effective.


Brand new website raises design standard for art societies

Has your art society updated its website to cope with mobile devices and changes in the way Google ranks websites? Is it thinking about the need to make a change?

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