Submit your Art Society Exhibition

I'm not making promises, but if you send me the information requested below, I'll try and publish a post on this blog highlighting the exhibition of your art society or art club. This offer does NOT apply to requests to feature exhibitions by artists.

Information required

  • Name of the art society
  • Nature of exhibition
  • Exhibition title
  • Venue for exhibition
  • Address and/or map (e.g. link to Google Maps)
  • Start Date
  • Finish date
  • When open e.g. be specific about days, dates and hours
  • Contact details for queries
  •  from the public
  • Contact details for queries by me
PLUS an image for the blog post. This MUST be:
  • no longer than 550 pixels longest dimension
  • 72 dpi
  • generally no more than 100kb
  • well composed
Make sure you send the information in good time. It's much easier to schedule a post in advance than it is to publish a post when there are lots of other calls on my time.

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